Real estate mediation, search for a house, buy a house, sell or rent a house, let a house

You are still looking for a beautiful house or even a suitable apartment for rent? or perhaps looking for a suitable property to buy or you want to sell a property in Ireland? May be also a house in England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Scandinavia?

Through our many years of activity in the moving industry, the company TESU Removals Ireland regularly has customers who want to buy a house or sell a house. Furthermore we work with many realtors in several countries, who have a wide range of properties to sell or for sale or rent, but also are constantly looking for houses, apartments, plots of land and also commercial properties. We are

also active in real estate brokerage, purchase of real estate and sale of real estate. Also renting out Appartments and Rooms for holidays.We are looking forward to your inquiry.

For the establishment of a tax-advantaged Company branch in Irland TESU Removals Ireland offers little offices and little cost-effective office-sharing places in Dublin, Cork, Wexford or other counties.