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The best moving tips for your move (outside right as PDF via the icon).

Allround Umzug TESU Logistic GmbH has listed all important, practical and cost-saving moving tips for your move. If you still have further questions or even any wishes, TESU Removals Ireland are looking forward to your call or mail, and will be happy to search and find a suitable solution for your questions and wishes, and may be able to add your question to our list of moving tips.


Download moving checklist and moving supplies list to prepare for your move.

In the moving checklist to download you will find all the important things to do around the move and can then check off the necessary and completed. Download the moving items list and enter all the furniture items. Estimate how many boxes you will need. Approximately 50 to 60 cbm of shelving will make one box load. The moving supplies list can be used to determine the amount of moving supplies pretty accurately, so you can determine the size you need for the moving truck.


Buying an apartment or house or renting an apartment or house

When you have found the suitable new house or even apartment, carefully check all the purchase or rental terms before signing the contract. Have all the documents for the house or apartment handed over to you, and if possible, a list of the craftsmen who have serviced your property so far, so that in the event of a repair emergency, a craftsman can be called quickly. If buying, also think about taking over or taking out building insurance.


Cancellation of your old house or apartment

As soon as you have concluded your purchase contract or rental contract for your new home and you are assured of the handover date, you can immediately terminate the rental contract for your old house or also apartment. All consumption contracts for the house must also be cancelled in time. Other private contracts must also be transferred from the old address to the new one.


Looking for a moving company or moving yourself?

If you have decided to move, then it is necessary to clarify as early as possible how the move will be carried out. A small move can perhaps be done quickly by yourself with a rental van, and if you don't have a driver, you can rent a van with a driver from TESU Removals Ireland. For larger moves, we recommend that you rather book a moving company for the whole move. TESU Removals Ireland will be happy to provide you with a favorable free quote.


Find a moving company? Professionally good, cheap and reliable.

To find a good and cheap moving company is not that easy. Who looks times fast into the Internet finds in the different portals on the first side hardly a removal firm directly, but completely many removal firm mediators, who pay these first positions with much advertising costs. According to advertisement these mediators offer to catch up various offers of different offerers and to save thereby incredibly many percents, mediation naturally free of charge.

In fact, the offers at the intermediaries are initially mostly free of charge - but "Attention".

The mediators compute the mediated removal enterprises more or less high commissions partly up to 30% . The entrepreneurs for your part add these costs to the offer for you in the final price. Ultimately, you pay so but always the very expensive intermediary costs in addition.

If you want to save these expensive intermediary costs, just look at the next pages on the Internet until you find moving companies directly, this makes a little more work but for that you can really save a lot of money.


Hire moving companies, recognized moving specialist companies.

After you have found several companies, look for real moving specialist companies with trade register entry, moving permit and moving goods insurance UMVS. Ask the movers what kind of vehicles the company will use to drive your move. If your move is a bit bigger, you should prefer moving companies that drive with proper furniture trucks with a total weight of 12 tons or more, so that the furniture truck is not overloaded. Companies with small vehicles often find out only during the move that the cargo space or the weight does not fit, then have to drive another time and then it suddenly costs much more afterwards. If you would like more information about vehicle sizes and loading weights, TESU Removals Ireland will be happy to provide you with free information. When you have found your forwarder, make an appointment as early as possible.


Rent a van or practically much better book a moving van and driver?

Rent a van and drive yourself can save a lot of moving costs, especially for small moves. If the move is more extensive, there is a much smarter option. Rent a furniture van right away in the right size and the driver to go with it. Then you do not need to pick up or return a vehicle and you have no liability for the vehicle. If you book the international moving company TESU Removals Ireland, the driver is at the same time a moving expert and stows your removal goods professionally on the moving van. Moving vans are equipped with enough blankets, straps and trolleys at no extra cost.


What should I take with me? Sorting out unnecessary items saves moving costs

A move is a very good opportunity to sort out unnecessary things in time before the move and thus save moving costs. You can sell or give away usable items on Ebay or dispose of unusable items before the move. This way you have more space to prepare your move.


Prepare your belongings for the move, pack them or have them packed?

If you order a moving company with packing service, you have an advantage: Your removal goods are then also technically insured. If you want to pack yourself, please use very sturdy, stackable and double-layered moving boxes, thickness 2.3 or 2.4.

When packing the boxes, please do not overfill or pack too heavy. Always label the boxes immediately, so that everything can be put in the right room in the new home. For more tips on moving preparation and packing, TESU Removals Ireland is happy to help.


Important things: screws and key box, tool box, emergency box, light sources

When packing from the beginning, make sure that the following things are deposited in a safe place:

  1. Key box for all keys and screws,
  2. An emergency box in case someone gets hurt during the move,
  3. Tool box - so that the tools are always at hand.
  4. In the winter time it gets dark early, think about light sources in the new home like extension cords, lamps or construction spotlights.

Make a layout plan for furniture in the new home

So that your furniture in the new home immediately comes to the correct place, measure everything in time and draw on an apartment layout plan the furniture, so the small things such as boxes, suitcases, bags and small furniture can be placed in the free places and you do not need to rearrange everything again afterwards.


Loading the removal goods, the correct sequence

When loading the goods, finally load the furniture that will be the first to be set up in the new home and, of course, the key box, emergency box, tool box and light sources. The correct order of loading and unloading will help to save a lot of working time, and thus, of course, to save moving costs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Tesu Removals Ireland can help by all work you need.


TESU Removals Ireland wishes you a pleasant and stress-free move.