Moving Taxi Ireland to Great Britain, UK and Europe, TESU Removals Ireland

Moving Taxi from Ireland to Wales, Scotland, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland is a special option for customers who may not like to fly, may not like to drive themselves, or may not have a driver's license. Nevertheless, they would like to move abroad with several people or even the whole family together with the removal goods in one transport. Also TESU Removals Ireland drive to France, Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavia to Danemark, Sweden and Norway.

Depending on how many people are to travel with, or how much removal goods or other goods are to travel with, an appropriate station wagon vehicle is used. Vehicles are mainly minibuses or medium buses up to 7.5 tons total weight, with passenger space limited to 4-9 seats including the driver's seat. Station wagon vehicles are divided into a passenger compartment and a separate cargo compartment. If this is not enough for the goods to be moved, a trailer can also be attached.

It is particularly favorable to combine several movers into a rental carpool. For this there are then large station wagon vehicles up to 9 seats to 15 tons + trailer. By several tenants the removal costs are considerably reduced by sharing the ferry costs, toll costs and fuel costs. At the same time the environment is protected by saving fuel.

If you do not have an appropriate driver's license, you can also hire a professional driver with a transport license from TESU Removals Ireland, who will professionally stow your removal goods in the cargo area. When hiring a driver, you do not need to pick up or return a vehicle and all necessary things such as ferry booking, toll booking, etc. will be taken care of by the hired driver. For further questions and free quotation please contact the moving company TESU.