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Good moving planning helps to save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary costs. To get well organized and stress-free into the new home, you should start planning the move in time. A moving checklist is helpful here, so that you do not miss any important dates and deadlines and think of all the important side work. You can easily download a moving checklist from the international moving company TESU under the menu "important information for you" and then check off all the completed items one by one.

Reduce moving costs: In the course of time, many things have certainly accumulated that are no longer needed in the new apartment. Here you have a good opportunity to sort out the things you no longer need, perhaps sell them on Ebay, give them to friends or dispose of them in time before the move to save on moving costs.

Moving quote: Another good help is a moving goods list, this is very useful to determine the amount of your moving goods. The more accurately the list is filled out, the better an accurate quote can be provided for your move. You can easily download a moving goods list from TESU moving company under the menu "important information for you".

Book moving truck + driver: Depending on the size, scope and distance of the move, it should be decided in time how the move will be carried out. If you only have a small, simple move to make, you may want to do this yourself for cost reasons. In this case, please arrange appointments with helpers in the family circle and with friends in good time, so that they will have time. Rent a moving van, furniture van or transporter from a car rental company in good time.

For self - movers Umzugsservice TESU Removals Ireland offers the rental of moving vans with driver - provision. The special advantage is that the driver is an experienced moving specialist and stows properly on the moving truck, which is equipped with enough packing blankets, straps and trolleys. You don't need any extra comprehensive insurance, you don't have any liability for the vehicle and the driver also takes care of refueling.

Foreign move, long distance move and complete move: If you want to make a big move or especially a long distance move or foreign move, you should get quotes for the upcoming move very early. Good specialized companies are often booked up longer in advance, so it is very important to get quotes in time. When doing so, please also think about all the desired ancillary work such as packing work, assembly work, piano or grand piano transport, waste disposal or other ancillary work. For all questions about moving planning, moving advice or even moving preparation for long-distance moves and foreign moves, the international furniture moving company TESU Removals Ireland is always at your disposal.

Moving cost price comparison, move cheaper with TESU Removals Ireland

Look for moving companies : When choosing moving companies and movers, always look for good specialized companies. Look for the registration of the company in the commercial register or trade register and whether there is a moving license and also a moving insurance certificate. Ask about the size of the vehicle that will be used for the move. Do you have a large move and the vehicle is not a large special furniture box, then be careful. If you are unsure about a decision, we are always happy to provide free advice.

Are free moving company brokers really free ?

If you search for moving companies on the Internet, you will almost always find only so-called intermediary companies on the first page of the search engines and sometimes also on other pages, which offer many moving offers from different moving companies at the same time. At the same time one should be able to save thereby also still incredibly many percents, and everything also still 100% free of charge ? Really ?

Attention: the expensive mediator costs pay then first of all the forwarders:

After talking to many moving companies in Germany and other countries, of course, the request is usually first free of charge. But the intermediaries then charge the moving companies hefty commissions. The brokerage commissions of moving company brokers with some providers are sometimes up to 30% and more. The switching costs all the same in which height, will be contained then finally unnoticed for the removal customer nevertheless always in the final price of your offer.

Removal mediator costs save: If you request the move right away directly from a real moving company, the offer will usually be much cheaper than with intermediary companies. Recommendation: If you really want to save the agency costs, ignore the advertisements of the intermediaries, on the next pages already come the right moving companies. This makes a little more work, but then you get much cheaper offers directly from a moving company. Another option is to ask friends or acquaintances who had a good experience with a good and cheap specialist company.

Moving cost price comparison: You have received an offer from an intermediary, which seems rather very expensive, where the service description does not fit, an offer where the contractor can not show a moving concession or any other expensive offer ?

We will be happy to perform a non-binding and free comparative calculation of the services offered and the removal costs quoted for them. If these are correct and in order you will receive a positive statement from us. If the same service is possible at a lower price, you will receive a better offer from the international moving company TESU Removals Ireland immediately and really free of charge.

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