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Moving checklist for all errands around your move (on the right outside as PDF via the icon).

The more appointments you can take care of in time before your move, the easier and more stress-free your move with TESU Removals Ireland will be. Below you will find many important, useful and cost-saving moving tips and hints in our comprehensive moving checklist. You can easily download this moving checklist for free. So you can then calmly clarify all the arrangements in advance, and after completion of the individual items in the moving checklist check off.


As early as possible

Sign new lease

Then cancel the old lease

Find the best date for moving

Clarify renovations in old apartment

Clarify renovations in new apartment

Clarify dates for workmen in old flat

Get moving offers

In case of self-move - rent a car prices

Involve possible removal helpers

Arrange moving vacations

Order new furniture if needed

Create a furnishing plan

Create a list of goods to be moved

Clarify transport routes

Sort out what is no longer needed

Dispose of, schedule bulky waste


Change your address




Employers and business partners

Children Garden

Family benefits office (child benefits)

Offices for the promotion of education (BAföG)

Career Center of the German Armed Forces (former District Military Records Office)


Change subscription (magazines, etc.)


About 15 days before the changeover

Meter reading date for old apartment

Clarify billing costs for heating in old apartment

Clarify handover date of old apartment

Clarify handover date for new apartment

Read meter when handing over new apartment

Order tradesmen for new apartment

Set up bank account for new apartment

Curtains, lamps, carpets new apartment

Order painter for new apartment

Order loading zone for moving old apartment

Order loading zone for moving new apartment


About 10 days before the move

Get sturdy moving boxes

Tissue / wrapping paper for dishes

Bubble wrap

Clothes boxes

Picture packing

Secure moving offer

check all dates again

Provide tools for the move

Think of medicine cabinet

Change bank standing orders

Use up food as much as possible

Find a place for children to pack

Arrange place for pets


About a week before the move

Ask packing helpers

Pack large quantity of boxes

Dispose of what is not needed

Inform neighbors

Again clarify helpers for the move


One or two days before the move

Change of residence, register or re-register

Register or re-register vehicles

Reserve parking space for moving van

Defrost refrigerator

Take children to day care center

Take animals to a boarding kennel

Food, drinks for the helpers

Have keys for parking lot and elevator ready

Protection for flooring , carpets

Box especially for documents / valuables

Special box for medicines, toilet bag

Special box for all screws

ei self-move - get rental car

Dismantle furniture except beds


On moving day in the old apartment

Get up early

Pack leftovers

Dismantle beds

Check staircase for previous damage

Instruct the movers

After loading check if everything is with

Handing over the apartment with the landlord

Fill out handover protocol

Read meter readings of old apartment

Check staircase, clean

Have furniture plan ready for new apartment


On moving day in the new apartment

Check staircase/elevator for previous damage

Cover floor covering, carpet

If necessary, install lighting

Stick plan for furniture on room door

Instruct the movers well

Place boxes where no furniture should go

Assemble furniture

Check staircase, elevator for damage

Check apartment, household goods for damage

Clean staircase

Tip the helpers

Dispose of empty packing material immediately

Clarify later disposal of packing material

Check moving checklist - nothing forgotten ?


After the move

Note down the remaining unfinished business and take care of it in order.

Our tip: Simply ring your neighbors' doorbells and introduce yourself.

Social contacts are important to feel comfortable in your new place of residence.

For more good moving tips, TESU Removals Ireland will be happy to help you personally.