Moving car or van rental for move to UK / Europe, TESU Removals Ireland

Renting a van to do a move yourself saves moving costs. Not everyone has a driver's license or can handle a larger transporter or larger furniture van or moving truck. The international moving company TESU Removals Ireland has a particularly practical service for self-movers in the offer :

Rent a moving van - already equipped with blankets, straps and trolleys and book a driver to go with it. The driver is at the same time a moving expert and stows your belongings properly on the moving van, and helps you if your movers do not have so much expertise. You do not need to pick up or return the vehicle and you have no liability for the vehicle.

Especially when moving abroad this service is unbeatable, because there are only a few very expensive rental companies abroad with one-way rentals. On certain routes from Irland and North Ireland via Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and England, over France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also to Scandinavia to Danemark, Sweden and Norway. With rental transporters to Ireland and England with Tesu Removals Ireland, there is also a savings version: called rental furniture van communities.

Rental furniture van pools: Several tenants book one large rental furniture van instead of several small rental vans, plus a removal specialist as driver. All costs for ferries, tolls, vehicle, fuel and driver are shared, which is cheaper than driving individually, at the same time environmentally friendly and simply practical, because you do not have to worry about vehicle and ferry bookings.