From Ireland to Europe and back

Moving from Ireland to England and back

The international removal company TESU Logistic Ltd London has been doing removal transportations from Ireland to England and all over Europe since 2007.

On the way back the removal company is doing transportations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to England and Ireland and also in Ireland.

Those who wants to carry little things maybe should ask for a flight.

There are good flight connections to the Dublin Airport on:

And also cheap flights on: or

If you’re in Dublin it is worthwhile to do some sightseeing’s. For example: Dublin Castle, St. Patricks’ Cathedral, National Museum, Temple Bar and Guinness Star house.


The oldest university in Ireland is the Trinity College Dublin.

The international removal company TESU Logistic Ltd has been doing cheap transportations to and in Ireland, from Ireland to England and all over Europe for the students and the teachers since many years.

The company is doing removal transportations for these universities as well:

Dublin City University: 

National University of Ireland:

University College Dublin:

University Dublin:

Dublin Institute of Technology - and University of Limerick:

Saving the removal expenses? Ireland, England and Scotland are island states- the international removal company TESU Logistic Ltd has built up a service with over 40 different intern removal companies and over 1200 cooperation partners and has developed a special effective loading system too. Trough weekly removal transportation in round-trips and the new loading system it is saving a lot of fuel, which is good, and really environment friendly. Less fuel reduces the transportation costs. The expensive costs for ferries and tolls are shared by well-routed round trips. As a good customer we get extra special rates - and are able to offer cheap removal expenses. Probably you got a few expensive offers.

In a comparative calculation of removal transportation we will find out if we can offer you the same quality with lower costs. You can also rent a rental car at our place. It is much cheaper than to book a car somewhere else. The removal company TESU Logistic Ltd is doing national transportations on the south tour in Ireland trough Wexford, Waterford to Cork and Baltimore. Furthermore trough Tralee and Ennis back to Dublin.

The west tour is trough Portlaoise and Athlone, transportations to Galway and back to Castlebar, Sligo and Mullingar. Further we travel through north Ireland: trough Newcastle and removal transportation to Belfast and Derry / London Derry and back over Enniskillen. Our international removal service travels on the north Europe tour through Scotland and England with the ship from Hull to Esbjerg in Denmark. We also do transportations from Denmark to Norway, Sweden and Finland. Another tour is trough England /London to Rotterdam/Holland and Belgium. Furthermore we do removal transportations from there to Germany, Austria and Italy. On the tour back we travel to Switzerland/Liechtenstein trough Luxembourg and Calais/France back to Great Britain and Ireland. On the south tour we travel through England to Southampton with the ship to France/Paris and to Bordeaux. From Bordeaux to Spain and Portugal, sometimes to Monaco and Italy as well.